Festivals in Lake Bled

Summer Festivals in Lake Bled

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We love picture-perfect Lake Bled, with its fairytale castle, dreamy lakeside views, and of course, the famous Bled cream cake.

It's the perfect escape for a relaxing walking holiday, but if you're craving a dash of excitement, this charming destination won't disappoint.

Get ready for vibrant festivals filled with crafts, toe-tapping live music, and mouthwatering food – a feast for all your senses.

Read on to discover why Bled’s summer festivals are a must.

For a list of events happening during your Lake Bled trip, visit the official Lake Bled tourist website.


International Okarina Festival

festivals lake bled

If you're a fan of world music, then you won't want to miss the Okarina Festival.

Held since 1991, this festival showcases a vibrant array of musicians from around the globe.

Expect a melting pot of sounds and styles, with everything from traditional folk tunes to contemporary global rhythms.

Drawing inspiration from the ocarina, an ancient wind instrument found worldwide, the Okarina Festival celebrates the power of music to connect cultures.

Enjoy performances at stunning venues like Bled Castle, the lakeside promenade, and the Bled Festival Hall.


Festival Bled

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Picture this: over 2,000 musicians from around the globe descending upon the shores of Lake Bled.

It's a musical takeover like no other. Whether you’re into classical tunes or jazz beats, the International Music Festival Bled will have something to get your toes tapping.

And with venues like a festival hall with a lake view and the majestic Bled Castle, you'll experience music with a backdrop that's simply breathtaking.


Bled Days

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Experience the magic of Lake Bled during its most vibrant festival, Bled Days.

Held annually in the second half of July, this celebration brings together the best of Slovenian folklore, delicious local flavours, and lively music. Shop for handmade crafts, dance to lively music and watch the sky light up with fireworks.

Candle Lights on The Lake

As the festival reaches its peak, prepare for an unforgettable spectacle: Bled Night.

On this special evening, 15,000 candles nestled in eggshells create a tapestry of shimmering lights across the lake.

It’s a beautiful sight.

Alongside this unique spectacle, Zdraviliške Park often hosts a vibrant Arts and Crafts Fair, offering you the chance to explore local artistry.

Be sure to book your Lake Bled holiday early, as this popular festival draws crowds near and far.


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