Holidays in Cervinia

Italian food, hospitality and charm under an iconic mountain

Perching on the Italian slopes of the mighty Matterhorn - or Monte Cervino as the locals call it - is the little town of Cervinia. This is where Italy meets Switzerland, very easily visited during the day thanks to the lift network linking Cervinia to Zermatt. From its high glaciers - where you can ski, even in summer - down to its main street lined with bars and restaurants, Cervinia has been on the map for hiking, climbing, biking (and skiing) for over a century. And for good reason…

Alpine Crossing and the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise

The brand new Cervinia-Zermatt Alpine Crossing - the highest cross country gondola in Europe, links Testa Grigia in Italy to the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise in Zermatt. This is big news for the area and a long time coming as the idea for the Alpine Crossing was conceived 80 years ago! At the top, there’s a 360° viewing platform, a ‘glacier palace’, fine dining, ski slopes, plus hiking and biking trails. With wheelchair access, it’s accessible for everyone.

No better place for a family trip

It being Italy, and Italians loving children as they do, Cervinia is perfetto for a family holiday. On top of the outdoor space and activities - easy walking routes, fun biking trails, rafting and the kids’ snow park (even in summer!) - there are also fairy-tale castles to explore. And let’s not forget this is the land of pizza, pasta and gelato - every childs’ favourite food.

The ‘blue lake’ - or Lago Blu, should we say

Half an hour’s walk from Cervinia is Lago Blu with its deep turquoise colour. Walk around the small lake to catch it from the right angle and see the Matterhorn mirrored in its clear waters. Not far away are the Layet Lakes, three pozze (or ‘puddles’) of spring water, all different hues of blue-green, that overlook the valley.

Through the Aosta Valley: Cammino Balteo

Here’s one for the hard-core hikers: hiking the Cammino Balteo (or perhaps just a section or two…). This is a circular itinerary of around 220 miles which can be split into 23 stages (4-6 hours each) through the entire Aosta Valley, with its lakes, nature reserves, waterfalls, pastures, vineyards, ancient fortresses and castles. Most of the walking is gentle, and not too high-altitude, so dipping in and out of the full circuit and official route is a good option, even with kids in tow.

Why book a summer holiday in Cervinia with Inghams?

At Inghams, we do walking holidays differently. With no fixed itinerary, you have more time in your destination and the freedom to walk as much or as little as you like, discovering some of Cervinia's best activities at your own pace.

Plus, from 2024 we've included two optional  guided walks  every week in Cervinia. Join a professional mountain guide and really get to know the area (see more details in the ‘walking’ tab below).

With over 85 years of outdoor travel experience, our holiday packages to Cervinia include flights, transfers, and accommodation, so you can relax and leave the small details to us. Our experts can help you choose the best holiday for you, and our team in resort can give you the inside scoop on how to spend your time away with us.

Added value

Exclusive to Inghams: On 2024 holidays join up to two included walks with a professional, local guide (limited availability, pre-booking is essential)

Flights and airport transfers included

Inghams phone rep service

Cervino tourist card - gives discounts in restaurants, shops, bars, activities and on cultural sites in the local area (available from selected hotels)

Walking in and around Cervinia

On an Inghams walking holiday, you have the freedom to explore the area at your own pace. Make each day a new adventure, with as much or as little walking as you like.

Why we love walking in Cervinia

Cervinia has such an exciting landscape for some really rewarding walking. Hiking on the Matterhorn is a really special experience, knowing that some of the most determined explorers have been there before you. The walking is high-altitude so it's ideal if you want to give yourself a bit of a challenge, you'll come back feeling fitter and really in touch with nature after walking on this iconic mountain range.

Guided walks

Don't forget, for 2024 holidays you have the option to join two included Inghams guided walks per week, with a local, professional guide. Get to know our favourite walking trails with insider knowledge and the company of Inghams guests. Pre-booking is essential - check out the Guided Walks section below for more information.

Getting around Cervinia


There are a few lifts open in the summer which will take you up to some fantastic walking areas and viewpoints. The lifts in Cervinia are open from around the 24th June to the 10th September.

  • Matterhorn Express - goes up to the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise
  • Plateau-Rosà cable car
  • Plan Maison cable car

Make sure you check out the brand new Zermatt-Cervinia Alpine crossing. This lift heads from Cervinia's Testa Grigia at 3,458 metres all the way to the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise at 3,821 metres, where you'll be able to hop on the new connection; it's a great way to explore two countries in one day!

Guided Walks

Inghams guided walks - included in your holiday in 2024

For 2024 holidays we've included two full-day walks per week in Cervinia, just for Inghams guests. Join a small group and be led by a professional mountain guide on some of their favourite trails. It’s a great way to get to know the area.

The walks will run every Monday and Friday. The days of your walks will be allocated to you by your rep and details given during your welcome meeting. You can add the walks onto your holiday at the time of booking, through My Booking or by calling us on 01483 319 652.

Routes may vary from week to week but as a guide you can see some of our planned routes below:

Plan Maison & Lago Goillet

This walk is nice and relaxed and has some incredible viewpoints along the way. You'll follow path number 13 all the way to the Plan Maison cable car station, where you'll get some fantastic views of the Goillet dam. This is a good opportunity to stop for a drink and a snack. You'll then head along path number 65 which will take you down to the dam before walking along a path with views of the lake and the Matterhorn.

  • Grade: Moderate (a reasonable fitness level is required)
  • Distance: 9km
  • Duration: Full day (walking time approx. 3-4 hours)
  • Ascent/descent: 520m
  • Terrain: Curated paths, meadows, alpine pastures and some loose rocky terrain
  • Useful information: You'll stop at a bar in Plan Maison where you can have a comfort break and buy any refreshments you'd like. You'll stop for a picnic lunch during the walk, so make sure you come prepared with some food.

Rifugio Oriondé

This is a circular route that takes you to the famous Oriondé Mountain Hut, where you can take in the wonderful views. The first part of the walk is about two hours long and on the way you'll come across a waterfall and some farmland. You'll keep going towards Plan Maison on the path dedicated to Jean Antoine Carrel, the first person to reach the summit of the Matterhorn on the Italian side on 17 July 1865. Beginning the journey back to Cervinia, you'll pass torrents and moraines until you reach the Plan Maison station. From here, you'll have the option to take the cable car back down. If you want to keep going you can keep walking all the way back to Cervinia, getting some stunning views on the way.

  • Grade: Moderate to challenging (a decent fitness level and sure-footedness is required)
  • Distance: 15km
  • Duration: Full day (walking time approx. 6 hours)
  • Ascent/descent: 780m
  • Terrain: Curated paths, meadows, alpine pastures and some loose rocky terrain
  • Useful information: You'll stop at the Rifugio Oriondé, a mountain hut where you can pay for lunch locally and there will be places along the walk, such as the Plan Maison cable car station, if you need a break.

Chamois & Champlong

Starting at the traditional village of Chamois you'll head along a mule track that goes through a forest, farmland and past rural houses. When you reach Champlong you'll get a great view of the Chamois basin. The walk continues towards Col Pilaz where you can admire the Grandes Murailles right in front of you. The route back to Chamois goes through some more wonderful woodland.

  • Grade: Challenging (a good fitness level and sure-footedness is required)
  • Distance: 17km
  • Duration: Full day (walking time approx. 7-8 hours)
  • Ascent/descent: 700m
  • Terrain: Curated paths, meadows, alpine pastures and some loose rocky terrain
  • Useful information: For lunch you'll stop to have a picnic lunch with a view so make sure you pack something to eat. There will be a few places to stop along the walk in Buisson and Chamois if you need a break. There's a bus from Cervinia to Buisson (payable locally, approx. €10 return per person) and a the Buisson-Chamois cable car (payable locally, approx. €6 return per person).

La Salette & Sant'Anna

This is one of the most beautiful walks in the area. Starting in Cervinia you'll take the bus to Valtournenche where you'll head up on the Valtournenche - La Salette cable car, this is a great opportunity sit and take in the mountain views around you. From here you'll walk up to some gorgeous green farmland at 2,390m where you'll discover the little chapel of Sant'Anna Notre Dame De La Garde. The route back to Cervinia takes you through pretty woodland. You'll find that this walk is very relaxed and a fantastic opportunity to get to know the hidden gems of the area around Cervinia.

  • Grade: Easy-Moderate (a standard fitness level is required)
  • Distance: 5km
  • Duration: Full day (walking time approx. 2 hours)
  • Ascent/descent: 200m
  • Terrain: Curated paths, meadows, alpine pastures and some loose rocky terrain
  • Useful information: For lunch you'll stop to have a picnic lunch with a view so make sure you pack something to eat. You'll also stop at the La Salette cable car station if you need a break. There's a bus from Cervinia to Valtournenche (payable locally, approx. €3 per person) and the La Salette cable car at Valtournenche  which will cost around €8 per person.

Valtournenche & Chamois

If you love walking through woodland, this walk is ideal. It starts at the traditional village of Cretaz where you’ll start on a scenic trail and pass a fantastic waterfall before arriving at Lake Lod, where the views are out of this world! At this point you'll have the chance to have some lunch in a typical mountain chalet (payable locally). On the second leg of the walk you'll head through pastures and meadows which will be covered in flowers in the summer months, all the way back to Chamois, a rustic, car-free village. To finish off the walk, hop on a cable car from Chamois to Buisson and soak up the views. Finally, you'll hop on the bus back to Cervinia where you'll end the walk.

  • Grade: Moderate (a standard fitness level is required)
  • Distance: 5km
  • Duration: Full day (walking time approx. 2 hours)
  • Ascent/descent: 500m (ascent) & 600m (descent)
  • Terrain: Curated paths, meadows, alpine pastures and some loose rocky terrain
  • Useful information: You'll have the chance to stop at a typical mountain chalet in Lake Lod where you can pay for lunch locally and there will be another hut in Chamois along the walk if you need a break. There's a bus from Cervinia to Valtournenche (payable locally, approx. €3 per person) and a bus from Buisson back to Cervinia (payable locally, approx. €4 per person). You'll also take a cable car from Chamois to Buisson (payable locally, approx. €4 per person).

For every walk you will need: suitable walking shoes with good grip, appropriate clothing, sun cream, sun glasses, rain jacket, a warmer layer, rucksack, at least a litre of water, a snack and cash for mountain huts/transport. You may find walking poles useful.

Early booking is strongly recommended as spaces are limited. All walks are subject to availability of local guides, weather conditions and maximum numbers. Planned routes are subject to change. Any distances and ascents/descents stated are approximate. Full details of the walks with the meeting points and routes will be provided to you on arrival. In some instances there may be a small charge for local transport that is payable locally. In resorts where the walks run over more than two days, the day of the walk will be allocated to you by your Rep in your welcome meeting. Where we cannot confirm your preferred option in resort, we will endeavour to offer an alternative subject to the above conditions.

Please ensure you are comfortable with the grade of walk, planned distance covered and terrain before booking. The decision of the guide on the suitability of the walk for you is final and no compensation will be paid where the guide believes, in their professional opinion, that it is not suitable. Please ensure you are well-equipped for the walk and have suitable clothing and footwear. Walks are not recommended for guests under 12 years. Any guests under 18 years will need to be accompanied by an adult.

Our Favourite Walks

The walking in Cervinia is so good that every route could be classed as a favourite, but here are just a few routes that we really love:

Mont de l'Eura - Rifugio Oriondé - Plan Maison

  • Challenging hike
  • 14.6 kilometres
  • approx. 5 hours 30 minutes

This is a circular route with a steep climb up to the Duca degli Abruzzi Oriondé refuge where you can break up the walk with a drink and something to eat. It's quite a hike up to Plan Maison but well worth it. This is a really popular trail and for runners and hikers and has views to die for!

The Rifugio Oriondé is usually open between July and September.

Diga del Goillet

  • Moderate hike
  • 6.6 kilometres
  • approx. 2 hours 45 minutes

Check out the Goillet dam on this walk from Breuil-Cervinia. It's a man-made lake and has the most striking blue colour. The terrain can be uneven and loose so a comfy pair of walking boots are imperative. This is a good walk to do on a clear day as you may be able to see the Matterhorn reflected in the lake!

Bec Pio Merlo - Grandes Murailles

  • Moderate to Challenging hike
  • 7.9 kilometres
  • approx. 3 hours 30 minutes

A popular trail as there are so many things that you can do on the route; lots of people set up camp here and go bird watching. This is a great route if you're looking for picture perfect Matterhorn views and want to spot some local wildlife. It can be quite rocky in parts and doesn't have much shade, so make sure you bring a hat and comfortable walking shoes. 

Bontadini - Rifugio Teodulo

  • Challenging hike
  • 7.9 kilometres
  • approx. 3 hours 31 minutes

Hike to one of the first ever alpine refugi, built in 1852. All the way up at 3317 metres it's a really cosy and welcoming place for a pit stop and has fantastic views of the Matterhorn. This is a challenging route and so you won't find many other people on the way. Ideal if you want some peace and quiet!

More great walking route inspiration

You can more recommended routes on the Aosta Valley website, where you can find photos and more detailed descriptions of routes around the Aosta Valley.

Useful Information & Guidelines

Recommended equipment

If you're going to be testing out the more challenging vertical walks and Nordic Walking then we'd highly recommend renting some adjustable walking poles and getting some decent walking boots. Warm jackets are also important if you're spending your days hiking at high altitude. Don't be fooled by that summer sun.

Walking maps

We'd recommend the Kompass 87 map if you want an overview of the Breuil-Cervinia-Zermatt area and the variety of trails around it.

Hiking guidelines

The mountains are a natural paradise, with lots to explore and discover. To help it stay that way, and remain an enjoyable and safe place for everyone, we recommend following our little list of do's and don'ts:

  • Plan your route well and don't overestimate yourself
  • Check the weather forecast
  • Tell someone where you're planning to walk and what time you're expecting to be back
  • Take all the recommended equipment
  • Make a note of emergency numbers:
    • Italian Emergency Services: 112
  • Don't leave the marked trails or go onto a glacier without a guide
  • Let nature stay wild by not picking alpine flowers (it's illegal in some places) or getting close to/making contact with wild animals
  • Always leave gates as you found them
  • Leave no trace

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Hotel Grivola Cervinia Italy Outdoor Terrace

Hotel Grivola's the quirkiest hotel in Cervinia. With a collection of bright contemporary art plastering the walls, newly re-furbished interiors and a fantastic location in the centre of town it's definitely not one to miss!

  • from£899pp
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Hotel Punta Maquignaz has a really cosy and eclectic style, with vintage Italian furniture adorning the rooms and various pieces of art to admire. The hotel owners are extremely knowledgeable about the area and the best people to ask if you want some local walking tips.

  • from£919pp
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    3 Rating

    We rate all of our accommodation based on their facilities, service level, character and customer feedback. Our ratings may vary from the official star rating.

IMG 20221223 WA0020

The Hotel Dragon in Cervinia's in the ideal spot for enjoying the walking trails, with a lively atmosphere and wonderful views of the Matterhorn.

Cervino Tourist Card

Cervino tourist card included for all Inghams guests

A great way to test out all that Cervinia has to offer is with the Cervino Tourist Card. This gives you discounts in restaurants, shops, bars and on activities and cultural sites in the local area. The card is free and available from selected hotels- make sure to ask for one when you arrive!

Things To Do

Get up to speed with downhill mountain biking 

Cervinia's full of bike parks, mountain biking tracks and intense downhill circuits if you want to challenge yourself. It's a really popular mountain-biking area with over 1,000 kilometres of dirt tracks and specially made trails. The free-riding in the Val D'Aosta is some of the best with loads of uphill climbs and downhill descents and a good mix of woodland and farm routes. For easy access, you can take your bike up in many of the gondolas. 

Summer Skiing

One of the coolest things about Cervinia, is that you can ski most of the year round. It's high altitude and it has a glacier which means that there's even snow in the summer. Break up your hiking days and swoop down the glacier instead. Even in the summer there are 25km worth of ski slopes on the Plateau Rosà where you can go up to 3883 metres. This is where many world cup ski teams train all year round. You'll have a brilliant time playing around in the Snowpark Zermatt, which is the the biggest freestyle area on a glacier.

A visit to ancient Aosta

An hour’s drive from Cervinia, and a beautiful one at that, is the Roman city of Aosta. One for the history buffs, Aosta dates back to 25BC. Walk through the Arch of Augustus inside the city walls to discover the subterranean ‘cryptoporticus’ and forum, the Roman theatre and burial ground, as well as medieval arches, bridges and ruins. Along winding lanes, cobbled streets, and in hidden nooks and crannies, you’ll find charming local restaurants and shops selling everything from salami to traditional wooden tankards.

Delicious local food

All of this activity will definitely build up an appetite so you're lucky to be on the Italian side of the mountain. The food is delicious and hearty with your classic Italian dishes, like pasta and pizza but also a fantastic selection of regional food. Fontina is the most famous cheese from the region and is rich, creamy and nutty and tends to be used for raclette or fondue. Check out the restaurant La Bricole while you're there, the food and atmosphere are fantastic!

A few examples of dishes from the Aosta Valley include:

  • Polenta alla rascard - grilled slices of polenta topped with a beef and sausage ragout and fontina cheese.
  • Capriolo alla valsostana - stewed venison and vegetables in a herby cream and served with a grappa sauce.
  • Fresh water mountain trout - sometimes stuffed with ham, topped with fontina cheese and poached in wine.

Hiking trails: 2,000 hiking trails in the Aosta Valley

Terrain: Varied terrain, ranging from glaciers and loose rocky paths to woodland and lake side walks

Best time to go: Late June to early September

Recommended for: Experienced hikers, regular walkers

Fly into: Milan Malpensa airport (approx. 2 hours)

Transfer time: approx. 2 hours by coach

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