Insider's Guide: Summer Events in Austria 2016



Austria has one of the most diverse and interesting summer events programmes in the Alps, and we have the absolute privilege of inviting you, our Inghams guests, to take part in the festivities with us! From classical music festivals in Salzburg to a particularly quirky festival for the foodies out there, there is a little something for everyone... 


Vienna Festival, Vienna, Austria

When: 13th May- 16th June 2016 

This festival is one of the highlights of Vienna’s heavily populated cultural calendar. There are 39 theatre productions from 20 countries, as well as a varied and exciting range of orchestral concerts, recitals and chamber music performances. You can also go and visit Vienna’s historical and cultural monuments such as: Hofburg Palace, St Stephen’s Cathedral, Ringstrasse and Schönbrunn Palace. 

As many people know, Austria is a cultural centre for producing some of the most famous names in classical music. Mozart, for one, turned classical music on its head and immortalised the name of Austria during his lifetime, and blazed a trail for future composers in his wake. Failing that, you can visit the homes of famous composers; Strauss, Schubert and Haydn. 

Inghams recommends:

Right in the heart of Vienna, the Best Western Premier Kaiserhof is an imperial-style hotel that sits only a stone’s throw from the river and surrounded by some of Vienna’s greatest architecture. This would be the perfect home base for your adventures to Vienna since all of the amenities, popular cultural sites and of course, the Vienna Festival, are right on your doorstep. 


Almatrieb, various resorts, Austria

When: 15th September- 30th September 2016 (varies by resort) 

The Almatrieb is an iconic Alpine event that is celebrated across numerous towns in Austria and Switzerland. So what is the Almatrieb? 

Literally translating to ‘driving down the mountain’, the Almatrieb is a calendar event when farmers drive their cattle from the high Alpine pastures into their stables in the sheltered valleys for the winter. To celebrate a successful summer of happy cows and a good milk harvest, the cows are dressed up with brightly coloured and adorned headgear, and wearing loud bells around their necks, it’s a merry, colourful and tuneful procession that ends in the town. 

Since the Almatrieb is such a pinnacle cultural event, it attracts a great number of visitors every year. And for this reason, many resorts that celebrate the Almatrieb go the extra mile and have mini ‘festivals’ happening in and around the town. Typically you can expect to see food and craft stalls selling local produce, bars and restaurants will throw open their doors, and in some cases there is also live music. 

Biker Mania

Biker Mania, Saalbach and Hinterglemm, Austria

When: 26th May- 29th May 2016 

Rev those engines, for this is a festival for the real motorheads out there! 

With the deafening sound of thousands of motorbike engines reverberating throughout the mountains, you know full well when the Biker Mania Festival truly has begun in the resort of Saalbach and Hinterglemm in the Austrian Alps! 

Thousands of Harleys roll into the valley for a programme of demo rides, day trips, helicopter rides, open-air parties and beautiful motorbike displays! A festival tent will be erected with live music and local ale, and plenty of dancing to be had. Even if motorbiking isn’t your ‘thing’, you can still enjoy the vibrant crowd of people that the festival attracts every year. 

Inghams recommends: 

Another one of Inghams’ famous chalet hotels, the Chalet Hotel Pinzgauerhof in Hinterglemm is a traditional Austrian style chalet with some of the best mountain biking and hiking trails right on the doorstep. Run by our wonderful Inghams reps, famous for their hospitality, you can expect the warmest of welcomes to our wonderful chalet hotel.


© Lech Zürs Tourism Board 

Lech Classical Music Festival, Lech, Austria

When: 2nd August- 6th August 2016

Taking over 5 consecutive days in the first week of August, the Lech Classical Music Festival once started as a humble local event and has now gained national significance and international prestige. 

Highlights of this year’s series of concerts are an Operatic Gala, and a performance of the first Valkyrie from Richard Wagner’s Ring Cycle. Pulling in internationally renowned opera stars, the venue for this series is the beautiful and sacred space besides Lech’s New Church with its outstanding acoustics. 

Inghams recommends: 

The Chalet Hotel Elisabeth in Lech is run by the famous Inghams hosts and sits close to the river in the heart of the village. Just a 5 minutes’ walk to the Rüfikopf gondola and village centre for the festivities, all of Lech’s numerous walks and trails are at your feet.

Salzburg Festival

Salzburg Music Festival, Salzburg, Austria

When: 22nd July- 31st August 2016

When one thinks of the UNESCO World Heritage Site city of Salzburg, they automatically think of the baroque architecture and of course, the music of Mozart. Although being the birthplace of Wolfgang Mozart in the 18th Century put Salzburg on the map as one of the capitals of modern music, the city has played some pinnacle roles in history throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. 

Nonetheless, the Salzburg Music Festival is one of the biggest events in the classical music calendar and every year the city becomes ‘a stage for the world’. There are numerous operas being performed, alongside theatrical performances, concerts and recitals of classical music that everyone will recognise and instantly love. 

With such a diverse programme, there is something for everyone at the Salzburg Music Festival, the Young Singers Project will inspire youths, and there are fun activities for children too. 

Inghams recommends: 

For something a little more contemporary than traditional, the Hotel NH Salzburg City brings you the best of both worlds. Slick, modern living whilst surrounded by history and culture at the heart of Salzburg. Only a 5 minutes’ walk from the centre of the city and the famous Mirabelle Gardens, the best of Salzburg sits very close to this hotel.


Knödelfest, St. Johann, Austria

When: 24th September 2016 

A slightly more alternative festival that will attract all of the foodies out there... Knödelfest is a celebration of dumplings! Yes, you read that correctly! 

The Dumpling Fest takes place in St. Johann in Tyrolean Austria every year, and throughout the duration of the festival over 25,000 dumplings are served, with more than 23 different varieties on offer. That’s a lot of dumplings...! 

Sweet or savoury, whatever your preference, you most certainly won’t be leaving this festival hungry! The festival also boasts of the longest dumpling table in the world, measuring 300 metres in length there is plenty of places to sit and tuck in. There is also live music, other varieties of food, and plenty of drink to go around. Couldn’t ask for much more, could you? 

Inghams recommends: 

The Hotel Crystal in St. Johann in Tirol is a family run and family orientated hotel that is only a short walk from the centre of the town to where the Knödelfest is being hosted. A great base for those who have plans to tackle some of the hiking trails around St. Johann, this homely hotel has been a popular destination for Inghams guests year after year.

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