Gardening Tips with Butler & Parker

Sprout Success With These Professional Gardening Tips

Looking for gardening tips that will knock your stalks off? Weed, seed and succeed with these gardening tips from leading garden designers Butler and Parker. In the words of Eric Clapton: let it grow.

At Inghams, we dig the great outdoors which is why we were excited to present The Inghams Working With Nature Garden at this year’s Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival. We partnered with Butler and Parker to share our love for all things green and create a garden inspired by our walking holidays in the beautiful Alpine Valleys of Europe.

We asked Josh and Matt from Butler and Parker to share some of their gardening tips to help our gardens grow.

What are the best seeds to sow in the Summer?

“If you’re looking to grow fruit and vegetables, then you’re going to want to focus on quick growing crops during the Summer.

“Think Radish, lettuce and small carrots. And when it comes to flowers then foxgloves are a great choice.

“Foxgloves are rewardingly easy to grow. They bloom in late spring so in summer you should see a healthy flower spike. They love free-draining soil, similar to the soil found in woodlands and glades where they naturally grow.

“The smaller the seed the more light it needs. Foxgloves have tiny little seeds. It’s best to have them on the surface of the soil and in some cases not at all. Because they are so small they need lots of light compared to peas which are quite large for a seed and have quite a lot of resources inside already.”

What should you consider when choosing plants for your garden?

“It’s all about the right plant, right place. Get to know your garden first and match the plant to its conditions.

“For The Inghams Working With Nature garden all the plants we’ve chosen are plants that can handle moist, well drained conditions but with the bioswale, because they are sunken, all the things in the higher sides can handle more free-draining dryer soils. Those in the lower parts can handle a bit more moist conditions.”

Can you grow alpine plants in a domestic garden?

“Coming from mountainous regions, they are pretty hardy - perfect for our British gardens. They can handle short periods of rainfall as well as short periods of long dry summers. These low maintenance plants are relatively easy to grow too, as long as you don’t overwater them.

”Most alpine plants are based on moist well drained soil so if you have that in your garden then that would work if not, then you could create higher areas that are then moisture would drain out a bit like a mountain valley where the water goes through or if soil too dry then could create a bioswale.

“In London, clay soils are damper in winter and dry and rock hard in the summer so with some of these plants you have to be more careful.

“If your plants are suffering, the soil is something to look at. Feel the soil and if it’s wet you might be watering too much. If it is too dry and the plants are shrivelling, then you’ll need a bit more water.”

gardening tips

Do you have any recommendations on taking care of nature or general wildlife?

“The Inghams Working With Nature Garden features lots of different flower shapes which is important for different pollinators. The Achillea is an open flower and attracts insects which have smaller tongues like some of the bumble bees.  

“A large range of plants is really helpful introducing pollinating insects into the garden. Give them a large spread and get more of them in and also make the garden more resilient.

“Also, different if you can create lots of different environments in your garden that's good as well - turn the pot upside down small pipe - they like little crevices. And any nooks and crannies where they can rest or hide in.”

Gardening tips

Can you name some plants that are easy to grow for a beginner?

“Plants like geraniums like moist conditions and prefer part sun and part shade. Achillea is quite simple and hardy - they like free-draining soils and the sun. Lady's mantle is hardy, spread and self-seed so you’ll discover more of these year on year.

“And don’t forget to stay true to your garden.When you buy a plant, look at the conditions at the back. Be true to your garden and look at your garden and at what you have. Be honest - does this get this much light, this much sun?”


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