Insider’s Guide: Our most scenic cycling routes


With the popularity of cycling on the rise, it is easier now than it has ever been to just jump on a bike and explore the world. One of the best ways to see what the beautiful mountains and lakes have to offer is to surround yourself in nature, and pedal your way through the scenic landscapes. Whether you’d prefer an easy and relaxed guided tour with comfortable overnight stays in hotels where Inghams takes care of your luggage, or you’d prefer a much more adventurous downhill race on a mountain bike, we have compiled this handy list that brings you the best of what Inghams has to offer... and more!





Leutasch, Austria- An Inghams guided tour (2 nights)
_0002_leutasch _mountainbiken _02

To begin this guide, we have our easiest and most relaxed guided cycle tour. A simple two-day tour that spans 40km will take you through the beautiful Leutasch valley in the company of a guide who will lead the way so you don’t have to check the map!

The area of Leutasch is made up of 24 hamlets spread across 16km of gentle mountain terrain; we take you through neighbouring villages and woodland at a steady pace suitable for the whole group. If you feel as though you might not have the energy for the long ride, e-Bikes are available to hire to make the days riding much more effortless.

Both days feature circular routes which lead back to the centre of Leutasch. On the first day we will take you through the quiet Weidach village and along the river to the Geisterklamm Gorge (so don’t forget to pack your camera!) and on the second day we follow a narrow mountain path from Salzbach to Gaistalalm. With plenty of refreshment and lunch breaks along the way, this is the perfect tour to take at your own pace.

Inghams recommends: The cycling tour begins at the Sporthotel Xander which is a lovely family run hotel with a cosy, homely feel, conveniently located in the centre of Leutasch. You will return to hotel at the end of both cycling days.

Treasures of The Danube, Austria- An Inghams guided tour (7 nights)

This tailor made cycle tour has something for everyone. As the tour is unescorted, you can travel at your own pace and create your own itinerary, stopping as many or as few times as you wish. You can also choose longer or shorter routes, which include some public transport journeys, depending on your fitness and ability.

The route closely hugs each curve and meander of the Danube River in Austria, twisting its way through the Wachau region. The river has always held great significance in times gone by; it was an important medieval trading route and a long-standing frontier of the Roman Empire. Today you can see many castles and fortresses dotted along its banks as you cycle along this easy and flat path.

As you follow the course of the river over 7 days, your luggage will be waiting for you in your next hotel at the end of the day, along with a nice comfortable bed, a warm bath and a glass of local wine.

Starting from Passau on the first day (the location is reached, unescorted, by train) you follow the route over the course of seven days until you finally finish the tour in Vienna. You can read a full overview of the itinerary here.

Inghams recommends: Along the route you will stay in our selected hotels along the bank of the Danube River leading to Vienna. While the selection of hotels are subject to change, you can be assured that they will always be of the same standard. Call 01483 79 11 11 if you have any further questions about this tour and would like to know more about the choice of hotels.

Lake Bled, Slovenia
_0004_Bled Castle Overlooking Lake Bled ,Slovenia

In the recent years, Slovenia has become popular with cyclists wanting to explore the wonders this varied landscape has to offer. With clear and concise maps, bike enthusiasts are able to self-guide around the mountains, lakes and waterfalls at their own pace.

There is little traffic in the vicinity of Bled and so roads are safe and pleasant to cycle on and there are plenty of forest routes and trails that are clearly marked and suitable for a variety of abilities from the casual cyclist to the experienced mountain biker.

If you aren’t a fan of climbing up steep hills on your bike, you can catch a local bus to the Pokljuka high plateau and then cycle at ease down the Bohinj valley. We like to refer to this as simply ‘conserving our energy’...!

There are many Slovenian restaurants and cafes along the route so take some cash with you to stop and enjoy the lunch whilst you embrace the spectacular views.

Inghams recommends: The 100 year old Villa Alice Hotel is a boutique hotel full to the brim with rustic charm and offers free cycle hire once a week for Inghams’ guests.

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Dubrovnik, Croatia
_0003_CRO_Cru _Shoreline

Dubrovnik is known as the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’ located in South Dalmatia. The iconic red roofs of the town make Dubrovnik one of a kind and in 1979 it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Steeped in history due to its maritime trade, Dubrovnik has lots to uncover. Although it is not ‘well known’ for cycling, the town and surrounding area has some fantastic bike trails which we believe is one of the best ways to find all the hidden spots this town and coastal area has to offer.

There are some fabulous cycling routes to enjoy across Croatia with even more wonderful things to do along the way. Pack your camera and some cash for there will be plenty of opportunities to capture some memories and grab a tasty bite to eat along the way! During the month of August, Croatia can measure some very high temperatures therefore we would recommend travelling early or late summer if you are planning an active cycling holiday.

Inghams recommends: Just 3km from the old town and in a beautiful bay amidst tropical gardens is the modern 4-star Grand Hotel Park- perfect for relaxing after a day out on the bikes.

Jungfrau Region, Switzerland
_0005_Biken _Eiger

Thanks to a network of gondolas and trains, you don’t need to be at a Tour de France level of fitness to enjoy the scenery from a bicycle in the Jungfrau region! As we stated before, there is no shame in simply catching the gondola to the top of the mountain to ‘conserve your energy’...!

The Jungfrau region boasts of over 160km of mountain biking trails and with fabulous views of the Mönch, Eiger and Jungfrau mountains, the short uphill cycles won’t be the only thing taking your breath away.

There are some great trails around the picturesque resort of Grindelwald, which plays host to the annual Eiger Bike Challenge, an 88km (or 55km) trail in which participants will overcome an altitude difference of 3,900m (or 2,500m if you opt for the shorter route).

Inghams recommends: At the Hotel Eiger in Grindelwald, you can hire bikes from the hotel which you pay for locally. The hotel also has a spa with steam baths- perfect to recuperate and relax your legs after a hard days pedalling.

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Chamonix, France
_0000_VTT Te ́le ́sie ̀ge Index 2 _ Joe ̈lle Bozon

Chamonix is renowned for its connection with the cycling community and it’s not surprising, with Mont Blanc in the background, this alpine town has some very challenging terrain to tackle. From tours to daily excursions, there is something in Chamonix for everyone with a yearning for adventure.

Adrenaline junkies from all over the world travel to Chamonix in the summer to put their ability to the test against these unforgiving trails. Whether you prefer steep endurance road biking or cross country mountain biking, Chamonix has it all.

Many famous cycling races start or finish in Chamonix if you’ve decided that hardcore mountain biking is not for you, and you would rather kick back and watch.

Inghams recommends: Our Chalet Hotel Sapiniere in Chamonix, run by our friendly Inghams staff includes breakfast, packed lunches, afternoon tea and dinner with free flowing wine throughout.

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